Its fine

Hi guys!

I am still alive and wish the same to you.

Right now I am designing a software which should replace a product, which we are lost, because some companies see no difference between politic and business. This will be an OCR software for a document management.

However, I decide to open sources for "Red Raid: The infiltrating..." (GOTY 2021). So, now "Red Raid" series open and I hope that someone will be inspired and make his own game.

I'll continue "Mechwars" series ASAP. 

As usual, from Russia with love. :) 

P.S. If you do believe, that I am, or any other Russians are in charge, then you definitely know what to do. Isn't it? :)


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Good to know, take care friend :-)


Thanks and keep on the good Work


All the best to you, friend! I can't wait for your next game. :)


Thanks friend! I'll continue development, no worries. ;)