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trying to sponsor but i guess it must be sanctions, Gutted but hope you make it.

Yes. I cannot get any transfer by PayPal. 

I will finish this game anyway. No worries. It will be available for free.


Yes I'll sponsor you again



Thanks a lot!


I'll definitively sponsor your work again if I know how. The loading screen looks fantastic! Can't wait for more. :)


Thank you!

Please use PayPal to become a sponsor. Would be nice if you'll send a mail to me at zxbitles [at] and write the name to be displayed. I will contact with you to send dev-versions for tests (if you want) and release. 

Any donation is welcome. Sponsor's names will be written in the order in which I am getting donations.

All the best! ;)


Perfect, done! :)


Yeahp. Got it!