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Gentlemen, ZXBITLES welcomes you!

Summer is a low season in terms of events on retro platforms, but I have something to please you. :)

So, someone knocked on Twitter who introduced himself as the organizer of the future competition for the ZX Spectrum from the portal "ZX-Dev Media & Demakes". He invited me to take part in a competition, the essence of which is to make demakes of famous games. If you don’t know, I’ll explain. A well-known game on the "bigger" platform (let's say PS 1, PS 2, PC, their name is legion!) Is taken and processed into a retro platform, taking into account its limitations.

The competition allows you to use any source for a demake: a game, a book, a movie, etc. You can read about the terms of the competition here.

Short summary:

- game only for ZX Spectrum (16K, 48K and 128K (including + 2A, +2 and + 3));

- any utilities and programming languages can be used without restrictions;

- the game must not have been previously published;

- Any number of games can be submitted, but only completed games will be considered by the jury;

- the game should be in English, because the community is multilingual, and English is available to everyone;

- only those who donated to the prize fund can vote, regardless of the amount (from 0.01 € to 100 €); the organizers point out separately that the second option is preferable! :)

- the names of sponsors are published at their request;

- provide the game before 20.12.2021;

- the following categories will be evaluated:

1. Graphics / visual design;

2. Sound / music;

3. Playability / fun;

4. How much the spirit / flavor (or maybe better translate as the essence) of the original game is conveyed.

Each item will be given a score from 0 to 100.

- the winner takes 60% of the prize, second place - 24%, third - 10%, fourth - 4%, and finally, fifth - 2%.

The list of games can be found here.

How to become a sponsor of the competition and a member of the jury - here.

At the time of publication, the prize pool is 640 €, "Dandanator de Aliens Neoplasma" + "Cassette de Ant Eater" + "Cassette de Comeme el chip". In addition, the manufacturer Tauon Electronics will provide the 1st, 2nd, and / or 3rd place winners with a TauonPC-1 computer.

While our musician UTZ is finishing the music until he is satisfied, I put the current project, which I wrote about earlier, on pause and decided to accept the invitation.

Here, in fact, is the updated loading screen for "Mechwars: Arena".

By the way, anyone can donate to the development, and their name will (if they wish) added to the game's boot screen. Quiet! Quiet! Don't push! You will definitely be the only one in line! :)

But back to the competition. I shoveled a bunch of all sorts of games in search of something that will hook me, give an idea for transfer, and of course it will be realizable in principle, taking into account the limitations of the spec, and of my modest abilities.

The choice fell on Centipede. You can read the English version on the wiki.

After a dozen hours of work (or maybe more, who was counting something?) I have such a result for a couple of weeks. Here is the result.

Compared to what I drew before for the loading screens, this is a masterpiece! :) As usual, criticism is welcome.

Have a good morning, afternoon, evening or good night, well, and write if you have something to say, and I went to code.

Best regards, Sergei.

P.S. I never get tired of begging to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Press the bell, select "All". Do not be afraid, we will not fill up the feed with notifications. 

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Hy. What tracker did you use to make your music ?


The music is written by utz. He using his own tracker.

You can find more on his website: https://www.irrlichtproject.de/


The loading screen looks nice indeed, now I am waiting to see more of the game. Best wishes with the contest mate! ;-)

Thanks friend! In progress. :)